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Antique 1917 Jug by Grimwades Stoke On Trent - Bruce Bairnsfather - "I likes me drop O' Rum"

£45.00 (Sold out)

Antique 1917 First World War Jug by Grimwades Stoke On Trent - Illustration 'I likes me drop O' Rum' by Artist Bruce Bairnsfather - Illustration of a Soldier with his Rum. Caption to the bottom of the Jug reads; Made by the Girls of Staffordshire during the Winter of 1917 When the Boys were in the Trenches Fighting for Liberty and Civilization. Condition: Fine age cracks and one crack that shows more on the inside than the outer rim, (See Pic. 5). In very good condition otherwise.

£45.00 Excluding postage.

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