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Antique 1904 - 1910 Folding Corona Typewriter 3 Portable with Case - Serial No. 53187 - Corona Typewriter Company, Groton, New York USA.


Original Antique Corona 1904 - 1910 Folding Typewriter with Case Corona Typewriter Company, Groton, New York USA.
Serial No. 53187 stamped to the bottom under bar.

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Working and in very good condition! Types although care should be taken as the string that keeps the tension is not original to the typewriter and may be prone to breaking in time. Return carriage, Cap & Fig. holding lever, Keys, space bar, back space bar and paper loading are all in working order. Rubber feed roller in very good condition - Ink ribbon is ok but has some torn edges and ink fading at various places. Paper ruler guide and paper stand to the back are in very good condition. Visible rubbing to the black lacquer paint can be seen to the space bar (see pic. 3) and to various places on the back of the typewriter. Key letter H has a little damage and is a darker colour to the rest of the Keys.

Gold CORONA , Corona Typewriter Company, Groton, NY  USA 3 lettering is in excellent condition for the age of the typewriter. Also gold Patented Mar. 8. 1904 Feb 8 1910 Other Patents Pending - Patented in Foreign Countries lettering to the back under the carriage is in excellent contition too!  Corona Logo Dove with a feather and a typewriter balancing on a set of scales can be seen but has some fading to on side.

Carring case is in good condition inside and out with the usual dings scratches and worn leather/metal handle. Flip locking without a key.
All in all a very desirable typewriter! Smith Corona typewriter history info can be seen at >

A fabulous addition for the typewriter collector!

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